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Physicians/Medical Students/Residents/Fellows

Association of American Medical Colleges
            AMC Data & Analysis Page
    Physician Specialty Data Book 2014
    State Physician Workforce Data Book 2013
            FIRST for Medical Education – Financial Information, Resources, Services and Tools
Doctor, Doctor, Why Won’t America Let In More Doctors
More Doctors Work Part Time, Flexible Schedules
The Future of Family Medicine and Implications for Rural Primary Care Physician Supply 2010

6 Characteristics Hospitals Look For in Physicians
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

            Primary Care Workforce Facts and Stats No 1. 2010
            Primary Care Workforce Facts and Stats No 3. 2010 


Physician Assistants
American Academy of Physician Assistants 
            PA Profession Overview -   
            Employing a Physician Assistant -
            2013 PA Salary Report -

            Michigan Workforce 
            Indiana Workforce    
            Illinois Workforce
            Ohio Workforce
            Pennsylvania Workforce
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

            Primary Care Workforce Facts and Stats No 2. 2010 – Number of NP and PA’s Practicing Primary Care in the U. S.     
A Profile of Michigan’s Nurse Practitioner & Physician Workforce 2011


Nurse Practitioners
American Association of Nurse Practitioners – Provides a Discussion Paper: Doctor of Nursing Practice
Are Nurse Practitioners the Solution to Shortage of Primary Care Doctors?
 Economic Impact

American Medical Association - Economic Impact Study provides a state by state lens on the economic impact that office-based physicians have on the state economy and the nation’s economy.

Economic Impact of Healthcare in Michigan 2014
Workforce Planning, Federal Programs, Shortages
Health Leaders Media – FACTFILE – Physician Enterprise Performance

Health Leaders Media – FACTFILE – Trends in Physician Demand

Health Professional Shortage Area Designation by address.
National Health Service Corps Overview: Loan Repayment, Scholarships, NHSC sites
Kaiser Family Foundation – Select a state and find information on numerous topics: Health Reform, Medicaid, Global Health Policy & more.
County Maps present doctors’ office relative to population and primary health providers relative to population.
Med School Mapper – mapping medical school graduates by county across the U S
U S Census Bureau